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Acoustic duo shows just added! 

Two new shows just announced:  Clint and I will be playing special acoustic duo nights Wednesday Sept. 3 and Wednesday Sept. 10 at The Skinny Pancake in Burlington!  Crepes, anyone?  The inimitable Josh Panda normally holds court Weds evenings, but he will be away on a well-deserved vacation, so we're happy to get a chance to play some acoustic tunes.  Music from 8-10pm, but come and make an evening of it.  I may even have to bust out my new upright bass for a few tracks - it could get crazy!

And here's a blast from the acoustic duo past: a short video snippet from Taxman > Stay In Bed from C & P's Ripton Coffeehouse duo show.

CD Release Party Re-Scheduled! 

Sunday January 12, 8pm at The Skinny Pancake - Peter's release party, take 2! 
So the Winter Solstice came, and really put the ICE in solstice... 'twas fit for neither man nor beast that night, so I'm glad we made the right call to postpone - there was an inch and a half of ice on EVERYTHING!  But yes, we live in Vermont, and these things happen.  So mark your calendars: Sunday, January 12 is the rescheduled date, and it's going to be bigger and better than ever.  See you there! 

CD Release Party!! 

Mark your calendars, kids: On Saturday, December 21 Peter and friends will be celebrating the release of "Break Down the Heavy" at The Skinny Pancake in Burlington!  The show starts at 8pm with a short opening set from a great Burlington band, "Quiet Lion."  You can check out one of their songs here.  Peter hits the stage at 9pm to play songs from the new album as well as some fan-favorite (but rarely heard) originals, a few new tracks and even some Grift classics.  There will be special guests, lots of harmonies, head-bobbing grooves and of course, delicious crêpes and a full bar.  Tickets are only $8, so please come celebrate with Peter (and Clint, Sean, Jeff and Leon)!  There may even be a Joshua Panda sighting, so don't miss out!

Break Down the Heavy, Gonna Fly a Song... 

Yes indeed!  The albums have arrived, intact, and they look and sound amazing.  The whole crazy parade came together!  Thanks again to everyone involved who made it happen - the list is too long to mention here, but you all know who you are.   So now it's up to you!  Give a listen and support independent music - I think you'll like what you hear.  You can order CDs or you can download mp3 files of the album. (If you purchase the physical CD: when you checkout, you can choose to have it shipped to you OR you can select "pickup" as the shipping option, for free of course, and get in touch with me to make arrangements.)  

Also, please note: you do NOT need a PayPal acount to purchase through my secure web store.  Just click on the second option in the PayPal section as you checkout  ("Don't have a PayPal account" and you can just enter your credit card information.)


Onwards and upwards with the arts!  Excelsior!!


Title, album art! 

One year ago today I was loading gear into The Signal Kitchen with Clint and Sean and Leon, with a batch of new songs swirling in my head.  We drank coffee and sketched out ideas and spent two long, glorious days in the studio.  Dave DeCristo, engineer extrardinaire, captured the magic as we tracked the foundation of the Peter Day Project.   And then the summer and fall was spent chipping away at the construction - adding Hammond organ, singing the final vocals, weaving in harmonies, recording, recording, tweaking, shaping.  And now the project is recorded, mixed, and mastered, and... finally has a name! 

Break Down the Heavy,

Yup, there you have it.  And that name will make more sense once you listen to the songs (particularly track 1, "Been There All Along") but it encapsulates one of the things I love about music, both creating and conveying it.  In other exciting news, the album art is in the works!!  The amazing and talented Phil Rose is adding his artistic skills to bring the album to life visually, and I'm so excited to share with you what he comes up with!  

That's all for now, in the meantime, please do sign up for the mailing list and I'll keep you updated on the musical happenings!

hapy summer, everyone.


peter tracking bass at the signal kitchen 6/24/13
tracking bass in The 'Kitchen!  photo by Benjamin D. Bloom

Ready for listening! 

 Hard to believe, but the peter day project may finally be... complete.  Dare I even say it?  Breathing those words raises the very curious question about the very nature of "done," the state of "completion."  When is anything ever "complete?"  Songs, as with many good things in life, are alive and ever-changing.  They evolve over time, they morph and change color, they breathe.  And in this case, "done" really just means "ready for the next step."  The songs are recorded, mixed, and mastered.  Which means that this particular collection of songs sounds just the way I want it to, and now it is ready to be shared with you.  Yes, you, kind reader, gentle listener.  Granted, there are many pieces of the project that still need to be completed.  The songs need to be packaged, and the packaging requires art and a title, all of which in turn needs to be sent off into the world to be reproduced...  So in this case, the project is "done" just as a footstep is "done" landing on the boards of your front porch, locking the door behind you as you walk to the cab idling at the curb.  Finishing the recording process is just the beginning of the adventure.  Now comes the fun part.  Now comes the listening!

live in 3... 2... 1... 

Welcome to the online home of peter day music, constructed in the cold, clear light of a Vermont winter afternoon as I put the finishing touches on my first "official" solo release. I have a few other releases, mostly solo acoustic, but this will be the first project to fully realize my sonic vision in a full band context. And what fun to polish a collection of songs intended to feel just as home in the background as you make pancakes on a lazy morning, in the foreground with headphones and a glass of something, or as driving music when the road feels right. And Grift fans, never fear - we're still writing lots of new music in Jonesville, and loving that, too. Here's a little home for some of my songs that live further along the spectrum towards singer-songwriter, whilst keeping the electricity of the songs that The Grift can play in a bar full of happy dancing people.