15 Years of Grifting, Europe Tour, oh my!

15 years ago, almost to the day, I moved back to Vermont (long story) and joined The Grift.  I am so deeply grateful to Clint Bierman and Jeff Vallone who started the band almost 20 (!!) years ago for bringing me along on this amazing musical journey.  The joy, brotherhood and shared musical passion is more than I could ever ask for, and I feel more and more fortunate every day for this musical life we lead.

photo credit: Benjamin D Bloom photography

And onwards! The Brian Chartrand Trio returns to Germany and Austria for a November tour, check out the tour dates here.  Looking forward to being good ambassadors for our country.  A smile, a song and a shared pint or two go a long way to reminding ourselves that there is far more joining us all together than what divides us.

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