Inspiration! And a Patreon Page!

It’s been a very inspiring few months, and the creativity has been flowing like the maple sap in a perfect stretch of sugaring weather – warm days, cool nights. Got LOTS of new songs cooking, and I’m very, very excited for this next Peter Day solo album, it’s going to be a good one folks, that’s for sure.  I’ve been filling the barrel since Break Down the Heavy, so there’s lots to play with.

Exciting news: I built a Patreon page! So if you know and love the music that I create, you will now have a way to help support me in continuing that creative passion, and you will get access to new material every month, be it a demo of one of the new songs, an idea I’m working on, a short video, etc.

Check it out here: and please consider becoming my Patron, even if it’s only $3 a month. That commitment really inspires and keeps  me going… THANK YOU!

More soon.  Take care of each other. And yourself.



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