So many new songs, so little time!

While the COVID era has been such a traumatic moment for so many of us, (and certainly quite detrimental to playing live music), it has proven to be a surprisingly rich and creative time for songwriting. Now there is one silver lining for which I am grateful. And I finally have a place to share those new songs as they are created…

It has been very exciting to have Patreon as a platform to motivate and host my creativity… I don’t think it’s coincidence that since starting Patreon in March of 2020, I’ve written and shared more songs than literally ever before in my life. Thank you! And we’re just getting warm. If you’d like to check some of those out again, or if you haven’t become a Patron yet and want to learn more, all those new songs are here at my Patreon: And there are so many more songwriting irons currently in the fire!

And it has also been very exciting to see The Grift finding new legs with the support of Anders Entertainment, check out the new and improved website! The whole catalogue, available for streaming and download in one place! New merch! It’s all happening.

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