Peter's (Sometimes:) Monthly Archives...

I try really hard to keep up with my blog posts, but sometimes I get too involved in writing and performing music:). Whenever I get a chance I like to add a little bit here - so thanks for stopping by. That said, I give monthly, regular updates on my solo work on my Patreon page. I deeply appreciate ANY level of support for my music and art.

So many new songs, so little time!

While the COVID era has been such a traumatic moment for so many of us, (and certainly quite detrimental to playing live music), it has proven to be a surprisingly rich and creative time for songwriting. Now there is one…

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Inspiration! And a Patreon Page!

It’s been a very inspiring few months, and the creativity has been flowing like the maple sap in a perfect stretch of sugaring weather – warm days, cool nights. Got LOTS of new songs cooking, and I’m very, very excited…

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15 Years of Grifting, Europe Tour, oh my!

15 years ago, almost to the day, I moved back to Vermont (long story) and joined The Grift.  I am so deeply grateful to Clint Bierman and Jeff Vallone who started the band almost 20 (!!) years ago for bringing…

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Solo Acoustic show!

Yes indeed!  Very excited to stretch out and dig into the back catalogue of Peter Day singer-songwriter acoustic goodness… A rare treat, y’all!

Wednesday, March 16 at 7:30pm

The Big Picture Theater and Cafe , 48 Carroll Rd. Watsfield, VT.

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Solo show! and Europe tour!

On April 21, I am headed back to Europe with the Sweet Remains Trio!  very excited to explore some new areas for us, particularly Italy and Slovakia! Check out the complete tour schedule at The Sweet Remains official website. We’re…

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photo by Jeff Vallone

Just a snapshot – and a nice memory from last fall’s Sweet Remains Europe tour!  We had a gig in the UK and got to spend a day walking around London, so we went to Abbey…

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New website, Europe tour, radio appearance

Exciting times! So peterdaymusic has found a new online home – please forgive the lack of content as I “move in”… should be fully operational in the next few weeks. In the meantime, a few exciting bits of news:


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