Here is an acoustic version of Aluminum (the title track from Life Beyond Aluminum by The Grift), written by Peter Day. It is one of our favorites, with that landmark Peter vibe of happy and slightly melancholy all at the same time. This video was recorded in November of 2020.

Three Minutes and Counting

On an unusually nice Sunday in Vermont, Peter and Clint recorded this wonderful acoustic rendition of the Peter Day penned song "Three Minutes and Counting". Take a listen to the lyrics and great harmonies, and share it if you like:). Filmed by Eric Graham.

The Beauty That Surrounds

Live performance of The Beauty That Surrounds (Brian Chartrand Trio) at Fiddlers Green Irish Pub Pfaffenhofen am Mittwoch, Germany 3/29/2017


 Music Video for Lutterbek, written by Brian Chartrand and Peter Day, performed by the Brian Chartrand Trio. Filmed in Amsterdam, NL